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Rainforest Preservation Fund

Green Investment With Multiple Income Streams

  • Click this link to see our document:-Brief Document of Rain Forest CapitalLLP_Presentation_Fund and Growth Fund.

  • The Rainforest Preservation Fund provides high returns to investors through a diversified portfolio of strategic assets generating multiple and sustainable income streams.

    Rainforest Preservation Fund is an innovative investment in international conservation. It is an eco investment that assists our planet in overcoming today's ecological challenges while enabling investors to attain the triple bottom line paradigm for their own portfolios.

    By leveraging an innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) platform, the Rainforest Preservation Fund integrates sustainable conservation with leading-edge technological methodologies and a unique, multi-revenue stream business model and capital growth strategy.

    Green Investment With Multiple Income Streams

    Working in conjunction with national governments and local businesses, the Rain Forest Capital PPP Model produces four revenue streams (carbon credits, biomass energy feedstock, cash crops and timber harvesting). All four provide on-going profitability through sustainable management and replanting.

    The four integrated revenue streams of the Rain Forest Capital PPP Model comprise:

    • Carbon credits from reforestation of denuded tropical and subtropical forests.

    • Production of renewable biofuel supply to national electricity grids under long-term contracts.

    • Planting and harvesting of key cash crops beneath the rainforest canopy.

    • Harvesting of rainforest timber under sustainable forestry guidelines.

    Strategic Assets in Place

    Rain Forest Capital has already begun to secure strategic assets, including:

    • 3.5 million hectares in Papua New Guinea (MOU with national government will be signed once fund is ready)

    • 7.9 million hectares in Cambodia (in principle agreement with Cambodia government)

    The Rainforest Preservation Fund will operate in accordance with the Rain Forest Capital investment principles and mission.

    For more details on the Rainforest Preservation Fund, or to obtain the investment prospectus, please contact: Rain Forest Capital.