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Rainforest Capital

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Our Mission

The mission of Rain Forest Capital is four-fold:

  • To finance and manage strategic investments where natural resources and capital can be managed, developed and monetized using methodologies and innovative practices to economically stabilize regions while preserving biodiversity and improving the lives of millions of indigenous people worldwide.

  • To provide investment platforms to investors seeking high returns while delivering social and environmental benefits that improve the human condition.

  • To assist indigenous people protect and preserve their cultural integrity by placing natural resources in trust and monetizing these assets to finance projects and programs designed to improve community health, wellbeing, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

  • To improve the sustainability of indigenous economies through the gradual transitioning of social, economic and political infrastructure based upon the application and integration of advanced and innovative technologies, development of human and natural resources, and adherence to environmental and management principles designed to insure transparency and security for future generations.