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Cambodia Sustainable Growth Fund

A Vibrant Investment Opportunity

The Cambodia Sustainable Growth Fund aims to derive long-term capital returns through strategic investments positioned to benefit from Cambodia's economic stability and anticipated rapid growth.

By integrating professional funds management skills and project management expertise, the Cambodia Sustainable Growth Fund utilizes a three-prong strategy:

  • Carbon credits from reforestation of denuded tropical and subtropical forests.

  • Production of renewable biofuel supply to national electricity grids under long-term contracts.

  • Planting and harvesting of key cash crops beneath the rainforest canopy.

  • Harvesting of rainforest timber under sustainable forestry guidelines.

Asia's Newest Dragon Economy

With numerous and significant competitive advantages, Cambodia provides opportunistic first-mover benefits to astute investors in the early stages of Cambodia's economic growth.

Cambodia is an attractive and investor friendly environment, with a remarkably open economy comprising:

  • Few state enterprises

  • 100% foreign ownership of corporations permitted

  • No repatriation restrictions

  • No foreign exchange controls

  • U.S. Dollar currency

  • Generous investment incentives

  • Concessions for agribusinesses

  • 20% flat income tax

  • No price controls

  • Four tariff bands, 16.4% average

  • Duty-free "LDC status" for some exports

  • Work permits easy to acquire

  • In addition, Cambodia has a range of advantages for institutional and private investors, including:

    • Politically stable

    • Financially strong

    • Economically vibrant

    • Strategically located

    • Young population

    • Trade friendly policies

    • Untapped and undeveloped natural resources

    Diversified Investment Portfolio

    The Cambodia Sustainable Growth Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of projects in Cambodia to take advantage of the many rapidly growing sectors:

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