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Benefits to Partners

Through its integration of sustainable projects investments, project management, multi-tiered revenue stream creation, and financial management, Rain Forest Capital provides a range of benefits to investors, governments, the private sector, and local communities.

These benefits include:

For Investors

Capital growth and dividend income through profitable, multi-tiered revenue models.
Ability to associate with a major, game-changing Green Investment Fund.

For Governments

Increases in employment, foreign exports, domestic economic growth.
Eco-investments in agriculture, forestry, tourism, biomass fuel stock, and other industries.
Raises reputation on global scene for environmental and sustainable action.
Revenue sharing from carbon credits.
Reliable provision of biomass fuel for domestic electricity needs.
Public sector training.

For Private Sector

Funding and management support for sustainable infrastructure projects.
Creation of multiple businesses and infrastructure complementary to those in existence.
Leading-edge technologies and project management expertise brought into local economy.
Private sector training.

For Local Communities

Increased employment opportunities.
Enhanced job skills training.
Increased self sufficiency.
Improved community healthcare and wellbeing.
Preservation of cultural integrity and reduced risk of younger generation migrating to cities to seek employment.